Photography for Inspiring teensEnrico Gonzales

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Photography for Inspiring teensEnrico Gonzales

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Why Dunks Photo Teens?

Let's be honest, there are a lot of photographers out there. Every year, the schools offers quick portrait sessions. Every teen, friend and parent has their own camera, at least on their cell phone. So there seems to be no shortage of photos and photographers in everyone's lives.


So why would you want to hire Dunks?


  • These sessions are for the teens who want to stand out from the rest, who want their stories told and their voices heard. These sessions not only capture a major milestone in life but they boost confidence, result in a lot of laughter and connection. They will bring a range of emotions, and happy tears for everyone who loves them - when they see just how awesome their teen has grown up to be. It is about so much more than just photos.
  • You are not just hiring a photographer, you are investing in an experience. Teens get an amazing portrait session customized just for them, hair & makeup and the chance to have their images featured. Parents get to be the heroes - the ones that gave their teen the gift of one-of-a-kind photography. They get to watch their baby who has turned into a young adult, somehow overnight, in their element - posing and feeling like the star that they are. I get to document this special phase in your life - we all win!
  • Since this is a full service studio, you won't have to just live with a bunch of images sitting on your cell phone or computer. Yes, you can purchase digital images but you will also have physical products that you can hold in your hands or hang on the wall. There is a big difference in the feeling this brings! Figuring out what to do with all of the images can be overwhelming, which results in many people not doing anything at all! This breaks my heart. I'm here to help you figure out exactly what to do with your images, then everything else is taken care of.


Tell Me More!


Unique portraits + story-telling

I use consultations to get to know my clients, so we can design the best experience possible! I love trying to figure people out and how their story should be told through posed and editorial style photographs. By getting to know you, by the time we shoot together, I'll know exactly what you want out of the session. Even if photography isn't your thing but you feel like you have to do it, by the end of our session, you'll forget all about your nerves and be excited to see your portraits.


13+ years experience

I bring over 13 years of professional portrait and event photography experience and blend it all together, to create unforgettable and fun teen portrait sessions. My extensive experience with photojournalism, sports, posing, location-scouting and creative lighting allow me to offer a mix of styles within your sessions, so they're as unique as you are!


I can relate to you (and your mom!)

I am raising two teenagers, so I know how it feels to be both a teen and a parent of teens. I know all about the excitement of high school, as well as the emotions going through parents' minds, as their precious time with their teen is quickly slipping away.


Laid back and fun

I have worked with teens of all ages and personalities and it is so much fun. Our sessions are never intimidating and they're designed just for you. Even for those that are nervous, that will quickly fade away as we shoot. I can help to bring just about anyone out of their shell, if needed. I have some trusted advisors who keep me up-to-date on what's in-style and trending, which also helps me stay fresh! Things are always changing and that is exciting!


Professional equipment

I use top of-the-line Canon cameras and lenses to get the high quality images you are expecting. I bring my expertise of lighting and posing techniques to further enhance your awesomeness, in any situation!

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Dunks Photo Teens is located in Chesapeake Beach, MD and serves locations throughout MD, DC and VA.


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Photography for Inspiring teensEnrico Gonzales